Professional rug cleaning for a healthier interior

When was the last time your rugs enjoyed a really deep clean? Rugs and carpets are attractive flooring options, but they are also highly likely to attract dirt, dust, pests, allergens and other unwanted detritus. Particles frequently penetrate deep into the pile of the carpet, often beyond the reach of the suction power a vacuum cleaner can generate. Without a really thorough clean, your rugs can become a haven for allergens and germs: a straight-forward solution to this worrying problem is to let us complete professional rug cleaning for you. Take a look at the health benefits which our cleaning methods can bring.

rug cleaningKilling bacteria and germs

Steam treatment kills bacteria, mould and germs: part of our cleaning process involves the use of a professional carpet steam cleaner. Steam is hot enough not only to loosen ingrained grime and dirt, it will also kill most of the unwanted organisms which are lurking in your rug or carpet. This prevents the organisms reproducing, lessening the chances of your rug becoming infested with fleas, tics or similar, or a refuge for toxic spores or mould. This is particularly important if you have pets and/or children: with respect to the former, pets, unfortunately, can act as carriers for pests – professional rug cleaning helps to neutralise this threat. Children need a safe, clean surface on which to play – a steam-cleaned rug doesn’t just look clean, it also has the deep down cleanliness which is vital when little ones will be playing on it.

Reduce allergens in your rugs

It’s all too easy for allergens to build up in your carpets or rugs. From asthma through to dermatitis, hayfever symptoms and more, suffering from an allergic reaction is no fun. In some cases, it may even be life-threatening. Our cleaning methods remove the vast majority of allergens, helping to make your rugs an allergen-free zone. 

Non-toxic cleaning products

As an established and highly experienced cleaning company, we understand how important it is that the cleaning products we use are safe as well as effective. That’s why we have carefully chosen cleaning agents and stain removers that give great results at the same time as being non-toxic, hypoallergenic and safe to be used indoors.

Professional rug cleaning doesn’t just save you the effort of having to do the job yourself: the high-grade equipment and products we use work together to ensure your rugs and carpets are clean, safe spaces for you and your family to enjoy.

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