Air Conditioner Cleaning

A dirty air conditioner can be an incubator for nasty, nasty germs. In fact, did you know that, potentially, there is are more bacteria in your air-con unit than in a typical garbage bin? Regular air conditioner cleaning can help keep your home or office pristine. And, if the air you breathe is air that’s run through dust and grime, then it isn’t doing your lovely lungs much of a favour.

However, by getting your air conditioner thoroughly cleaned, you can improve air quality in your home or office in a flash. If you were to ask our opinion, we’d recommend a good once-over on a regular basis. The benefits are extremely noticeable and, yes, you’ll feel them straight away.

What’s more, a grubby air conditioner is more likely to work inefficiently – or even break down – than a clean one. So, taking care of maintenance can also reduce running costs, as well as save time and hassle, in the long run.

Inspection and advice

Before launching into a clean, we offer an inspection and expert advice. This gives us a chance to have a good look at your air-con unit and assess whether or not a clean is really what’s needed. We have extensive experience in dealing with most types of units. Even if you think yours is left-of-field, we’ve probably serviced a similar one.

Tried and tested process

We know our cleaning process works because it’s tried and tested. We take things step-by-step. First up, we clean and treat your filters. Secondly, we clean your coils until they’re sparkling like new. While we’re at it, we check your coils to make sure there are no blockages whatsoever.

Regular maintenance

Once the cleaning process is done and dusted, we can come up with recommendations for annual air conditioner cleaning services. This program helps to ensure optimum air conditioner performance and air quality – all year round. If your unit needs regular servicing or maintenance, we’ll put you in touch with a trusted network of repair experts.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about our air conditioner cleaning services, don’t wait. Give Pristine Dry a buzz today on 0435 821 187. We’ll happily answer your questions and provide you with a quote at no cost or obligation.