Leather Cleaning

If you invest in beautiful furniture, then it makes sense to put time and effort into keeping it spick and span. That said, leather cleaning isn’t exactly a cinch. Forget about lathering up some soap suds, turning on the hose and hoping for the best. You have to know what you’re doing.

And that’s why we hope you’ll take our number. We’ve been cleaning leather for decades… so believe us, there isn’t much we haven’t seen! Whether you inherited your grandmother’s suede sofa or own a brand-new, luxurious lounge chair that cost you a small fortune, we’ll help you keep it in optimum form.

Different strokes for different folks

Leather is a pretty broad category. Each type of material and each kind of furniture calls for a different approach to the cleaning process. That’s why we look at every piece individually and work out what it needs, specifically. The thing is that leather furniture is often a prized possession or a costly investment, which may even have sentimental value. With that in mind, we make sure that every job we do is safe yet effective.

High-quality cleaning products

All the cleaning products in our collection are of outstanding quality. We put stacks of research into sourcing cutting-edge gear that does the job with maximum results, yet minimum impact. What’s more, our products are non-toxic and eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about nasties hanging about your home or office.

Boosting longevity

The way you treat your leather furniture usually has a major influence on its lifespan. When we clean yours, we can also offer advice on maintenance. If you like, we’ll set up a regular programme, which makes sure your leather furniture is always in tip-top condition.

Give us a buzz

At Pristine Dry, we always take great care in our cleaning processes to ensure that your leather is like new, guaranteeing excellent protection long term. If you’re interested in our leather cleaning services, please get in touch on 0435 821 187. We’ll happily give you an obligation-free quote or answer your questions.