Quality Cleaning Products

Quality carpet cleaning starts with quality cleaning products. It’s like anything: what you put in is what you get out. That’s why we source only the best. Our products are the greatest thing since sliced bread: they’re non-toxic, trusted and residue-free, whether we’re working in your home or on commercial carpet cleaning.


These days, it’s hard to imagine why anyone uses cleaning products laced with nasties. Chances are, your kids – and maybe even you – spend a fair bit of time lying around on the carpet. For that reason, we stick to non-toxic cleaning products that are friendly to children and pets.


What’s more, our products are tried and true. We’ve scoured the market for the finest that money can buy. Every product in our collection has been put through a series of arduous tests, ensuring that it gets the best results, every time. After all, no one likes to be let down! We don’t call ourselves Pristine Dry for nothing.


Once our job is done, we won’t leave a trace behind. In fact, the only sign that we’ve been in your home will be the fact that your carpet is cleaner, shinier and fresher than you ever imagined it could be. We’re glad to say our products don’t leave any unpleasant residues in their wake.

Cutting-edge equipment

Being carpet nerds, we like keeping a close eye on cutting-edge developments in carpet cleaning equipment. We are forever adding to our toy collection with new pieces of state-of-the-art gear. For you, this means our carpet cleaning services just keep getting better and better. Nearly every technological advancement brings more precision to the process.

High-quality after-care

We’re assuming you don’t want us visiting too often. So, we offer a range of high-quality after-care products. These can help you enjoy the results of our work for months to come while increasing your carpet’s longevity.


Would you like to ask us about our quality cleaning products or about any other aspect of our carpet cleaning services? Give us a bell any time on 0435 821 187. We’re happy to hand over advice and/or an obligation-free estimate at no cost.