Carpet Cleaning Castle Hill

When it comes to thorough carpet cleaning, try Pristine Dry – Carpet Cleaning Castle Hill. We have the goods. That’s why so many local businesses and residents rely on us. We’re the ones to call, whether you’ve spilled red wine all over the place or simply need a routine clean. Whatever the size of the job, you can count on our integrity, punctuality, work ethic.  Plus we have meticulous attention to detail. We approach all tasks with enthusiasm and dedication to excellence. We are reliable, handy and local.

Expert carpet cleaning in Castle Hill

With years of industry experience under our vacuums. Pristine Dry are experts at carpet cleaning in Castle Hill. Our services cover domestic and commercial premises produce results of all shapes and sizes. If you own a home, office, shop or hotel, and need results we are here for you. You can rest assured that we’ll leave your house or business exactly as we found it. Except, of course, that it’ll be cleaner, fresher and sparkling.

A tried-and-tested method for carpet cleaning in Castle Hill

Carpet cleaning might look straightforward, but, for optimal results. A tried-and-tested method is necessary. Over the years, we have refined and perfected our method. Ensuring that every carpet we come across receives outstanding treatment. To that end, our cleans always involve a step-by-step process, as follows:

  • we do carpet cleaning castle hillcareful moving of furniture
  • pre-vacuuming
  • pre-treatment and pre-spotting, wherever needed
  • hot-extraction cleaning with our dedicated device
  • secondary cleaning with our rotary scrubber
  • thorough inspection and, if necessary, spot cleaning
  • carpet protection and deodorisation (on request)

Carpet cleaning with sensitive products

Every product in our cleaning toolkit is non-toxic, allergen-free and pet-friendly. Given recent advancements in product technology, there’s no need to use harsh chemicals. Which can be dangerous to your family, pets, employees and the environment. Our products do an exceptional job, by cleaning carpets to an excellent standard. While preventing any exposure of our clients to toxins and allergens. If you have any questions about any of the products we use, please feel free to ask.

Get in touch today for a free carpet cleaning in Castle Hill quote

Would you like to find out more about our carpet cleaning services? Whether you have a question or would like a free quote – no strings attached– we’d love to hear from you. All you have to do is jump on the phone right now and give us a call on 0435 821 187.