Why DIY carpet cleaning is ruining your business carpets

Every business implements cost-cutting measures at some stage during the life of the business, and professional carpet cleaning is often one of the first areas terminated. Most staff members and business owners assume they can undertake the carpet cleaning role themselves rather than engaging a professional carpet cleaning service, assuming the money saved is better spent for other business growth. However, in this article, we explain to you why DIY business carpet cleaning isn’t as economical as you may think, and without the right tools and knowledge, you are destroying the longevity and safety of your business flooring, costing you more in the long run. 

Commercial strength cleaning products 

Flooring in most businesses, whether it be industrial carpeting or specific hard flooring, requires particular types of cleaning solutions and equipment to clean the high traffic floors thoroughly. Products purchased from the supermarket, intended mainly for the home, aren’t powerful enough to lift the stains and embedded grime from this level of excessive use. As these products cost more, due to the nature of how they are purchased, DIY carpet cleaning usually requires more time, effort and cost to produce inferior results. 

Professional Carpet CleaningFrequency of carpet cleaning

With other parts of the business to run, cleaning carpets is usually one of the last tasks to be addressed when undertaken by staff and business owners. What results is extended periods of floors going uncleaned, stains left longer than they should, and stubborn build up ruining the quality of the flooring. Professional carpet cleaning is regulated to address the frequency of the business needs, providing regular cleaning to avoid the need for expensive deep cleans and effectively avoiding permanent, unremovable stains from occurring. See some of our success stories by clicking here.

Hazardous stains

As we just touched on, carpet stains left unattended for long periods, even just a couple of weeks can become impossible to remove, even with professional cleaning services. However, when stains occur from bodily fluids or flammable liquids, high-grade cleaning is required immediately, not only for the appearance of the carpets but for the health and safety of the staff working on those floors. Without the knowledge of how to safely remove harmful stains and the tools to complete it correctly, your DIY solution may be putting your health at risk. 

The longevity of your floors 

Interior fit-outs for business properties are expensive, and replacing damaged carpeting isn’t something any business wants to do unnecessarily. Professional business carpet cleaning is essential for the longevity of the floor, prolonging the wear and appearance of the carpet, and extending the time between replacements. While it may seem like a reasonable cost worth cutting, renovating your flooring spaces will cost far more when you least expect it, leaving you unable to budget for the demand adequately. 

Time to consider professional carpet cleaning?

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