Common carpet cleaning mistakes

Having a clean carpet is an essential component of your home, and tends to be one of your largest investments, having taken great care to pick the perfect one to compliment your house. A clean carpet lasts many years when done right – but it’s also easily done wrong. Here we discuss some of the most common carpet cleaning mistakes, and how to avoid them.

Using the wrong products

When we spill something on our carpets, it’s often a common response to run to the cupboard and pick out the first stain remover we can find. However, carpet fibres are manufactured with many different materials which need to be handled in the correct way to see optimum results, so it’s important not to use just anything to clean it up. You’ll most likely end up making things worse. Click here to find out more about the quality cleaning products we use as part of our service.

Using too much elbow grease

professional carpet cleanerThis is possibly the most common mistake people make while trying to clean their carpet. Aggressively rubbing a stain hoping it will magically disappear is never the way to go. In reality, you’re most likely grounding the substance further into the carpet fibres, possibly even pushing the molecules into the carpet base. While you might think you’re helping, you’re actually making your carpet even harder to clean in the future. You’re also likely to damage the carpet fibres, causing them to fray. If you’re trying to clean a stain yourself, it’s better to blot the stained area, allowing you to absorb some of the substance.

Not vacuuming regularly

We’re all guilty of avoiding vacuuming our carpets until it looks obviously dirty. However, if you’re waiting to physically see debris, you’re most likely waiting too long, especially if you have pets in the house. In this case, you should be vacuuming at least once a week, but more often every other day if possible. Just because it may be invisible, it doesn’t mean the dust and dirt that inevitably fall on your carpet every day aren’t there to wear down your fibres. Vacuuming will effectively lift these impurities from your carpets.

Not hiring a professional carpet cleaning service

While many people believe they are skilled enough to clean their carpets themselves, hiring professional carpet cleaners is the only way you’ll see guaranteed results when it comes to deep cleaning. At Pristine Dry, we leave your carpets looking brand new. Call us today at 0435 821 187 for more guidance.