How to get the most from a professional carpet clean

Taking good care of your carpets can brighten up a whole room and keep your home looking fresh. Whether you’re sick of staring at THAT red wine stain or your carpets just need a bit of a spruce up, the use of a professional carpet steam cleaner is the only way to restore your carpets to their former glory. But how do you get the most out of a professional steam clean. We’ve put together some handy tips on how to prepare your carpet for an effective professional carpet clean that will transform any room.

Make way by moving your furniture

Carefully removing any furniture from the room is the best way to get that wall-to-wall clean! By moving your furniture, your cleaning specialist will be able to tackle the whole surface area of the carpet for an even finish across the whole room. The friendly team at Pristine Dry can assist you with moving your furniture if you require.

This also goes for all of the small things that you may have on the floor in the room. Waste-paper baskets, floor lamps, toy boxes and plant pots should all be removed to free up space for your professional steam cleaner to get to work. Try to secure any bed linen or drapes up and out of the way too. It can be as simple as fixing them up with a clothespin while your cleaner gets to work!

professional carpet cleanTake a vacuum to it

For the best results, vacuum your carpet before the clean takes place. Removing dirt from your carpet fibres beforehand means that the cleaner can get to work on the really deeply soiled areas for a powerful clean.

Top tip: dust down your skirting boards before you vacuum too so that dust won’t spoil the look of your clean carpet in the following weeks! We are also happy to help you with vacuuming the carpets and skirting boards before we start.

Point out any areas that may need special attention

Perhaps there’s a stain that’s been bugging you for months, or one part of the carpet gets grubby from an increased amount of footfall. Point out these areas to your cleaner so they can give a little extra attention to these parts. Different stains will require different cleaning techniques, so if you let your cleaner know what caused a stain, they will know specifically how to remove it and get the best results for your carpet.

Book your professional carpet clean  today!

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