Lounge Cleaning Services

Everyone deserves a fresh, clean living space! The lounge is frequently a room where the family gathers to relax and entertain. As such, making sure it’s hygienic and dirt free is a priority. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to miss key areas when it comes to making sure the lounge isn’t just surface clean, but deep-down clean. As professional cleaners, we know all the little spots that need attention in order to ensure stunning results. Take a look at five areas that are commonly overlooked during lounge cleaning: how many apply to your home?

Light switches

Although light switches see heavy traffic, they’re frequently a part of the room which receives little or no attention when it comes to cleaning. Ensuring light switches are grime free is crucial to maintaining hygiene in your home.

Picture rails

Anything above the line of sight is vulnerable to being neglected during day-to-day cleaning. Picture rails are frequently ignored! A damp cloth or similar is all that’s necessary to remove dust build-up. Don’t forget that picture frames and cords (if hung in a traditional manner) also need regular cleaning.

Light fixtures

Is your lounge gloomy? Instead of considering higher wattage bulbs, it’s worth taking the time to make sure your light fittings are clean. Over time, a film of dirt and grease can build up on bulbs, reducing the amount of light that penetrates through to your lounge. Shades can also become dirty, follow decreasing light emissions. Many people are amazed by how much brighter their lounge looks once light fixtures have been washed.

Window dressings

Curtains, nets and blinds need regular cleaning to stay looking good. We recommend steam cleaning for curtains which are too large for conventional laundering. Or perhaps it may be time to replace those tired old curtains or blinds to suit your new-look lounge room!

Spot stain removal


It’s all too easy to cover up a stubborn carpet stain with a rug, or camouflage a couch stain with a carefully placed cushion! Specialist stain removal is often the best solution in these circumstances.

If you would prefer to let the professionals get your cleaning completed quickly and to an exceptional standard, we’re here to help and we are experts in upholstery cleaning. We offer a complete cleaning service that guarantees to leave your property in pristine condition. From bond cleans through to routine cleans, holiday cleaning or deep down cleans following refurbishment or remodeling, we can get the job done.

Ask us about our specialist lounge and upholstery cleaning services today! Call us now on 0435 821 187 to arrange a competitively priced solution to all your cleaning needs.