Industrial carpet cleaner: why you should trust the professionals

Carpets used in industrial spaces are often subjected to an enormous amount of wear and tear. They also get stained by an incredibly wide range of substances, many of which are very difficult to remove – think grease, oil, ink, foodstuffs, paint, toxic chemicals or just industrial strength dirt. In fact, the only way to remove many industrial stains is with an industrial carpet cleaner. There’s really no other solution.

It’s a big job

Industrial carpet cleaning is not a do-it-yourself job. You need the services of an experienced industrial carpet cleaner who will get your floors cleaned in a professional and speedy manner at a time that suits your workplace.

Professionals in the industrial carpet cleaner business will know how to work around industrial equipment and will be able to arrange their working hours around you. This enables you to stick to your regular routine as much as possible, causing minimal disruption to your business. Explain your needs to them and they’ll work out a cleaning schedule that suits your workplace. No carpet cleaning job should be too big or too small for professionals to tackle.

Why you need an industrial carpet cleaner

There are many reasons why industries need to keep their carpets clean. A worksite with clean carpets will always give a positive impression to clients, inspectors and investors whereas a worksite with dirty, bad-smelling carpets will have the opposite effect. Clean, hygienic carpets also create a healthier work environment for employees and may even help to reduce staff sick days.

Industrial carpet cleanerOur industrial carpet cleaner weapons

Here at Pristine Dry, we don’t mess around when it comes to the equipment we use for carpet cleaning. We have the latest and the best professional carpet cleaning equipment because it gets the job done quickly and efficiently and leaves carpets looking and smelling brand new. The deep scrubbing action of our cleaning equipment lifts out dirt and stains and the heavy-duty suction power ensures carpets dry rapidly so our clients can minimise downtime.

And because we care about people, our cleaning products are top quality, non-toxic and non-allergenic. What’s more, when we’ve finished the job, we check moisture levels so that health issues like mildew or mould don’t occur.

Get in touch

If you need the advice or services of an industrial carpet cleaner, get in touch with Pristine Dry by calling 0435 821 187. Our friendly staff would be happy to give you a free quote for any or all of your industrial carpet cleaning needs.