6 facts about dirty carpets you might not know

Your home or office carpet can come under wear and tear much faster if you have kids or lack sufficient knowledge about carpet care. If you do not hire professional carpet cleaning services, stains, discolouring and damage can ruin your carpet sooner than you think. Check out 6 health facts about dirty carpets you probably did not know:

1. Carpets attract grease and dirt

Everyone, including pets, can carry in dirt and oily residue from other rooms and outside which can dry onto your carpet. This much dirt causes your carpet to change colour and develop unappealing traffic lanes which can become permanent.

2. The Norovirus

The Norwalk virus also called the Norovirus can survive in carpet for about four to six weeks. When people walk and roll on the carpet, the virus becomes airborne. Its symptoms are more like those of food poisoning or the stomach flu.

3. Sandy soil tears your carpet apart

If you pat the piles of your carpet closely, you will be shocked to find some soil inside. These are areas your home vacuum cleaners cannot reach. This soil grinds your carpet upholstery away each time you sit or walk on your carpets.

4. Dirty carpet is a hub for germs

Your carpet filters in germs by trapping many damaging air pollutants! They include chemicals, bacteria, pollen, fungi, tars, cigarette smoke, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Are you shocked? Well, the solution is to hire carpet cleaning specialists to be cleaning your carpet regularly.

professional carpet cleaning services5. Bad news for allergy, eczema, asthma, and rhinitis sufferers

When dirty carpets get infested with dust mites, the droppings can result in asthma attacks. They attract and retain allergy-inflaming proteins, triggering asthma, eczema and rhinitis attacks. So, if you have one of these health conditions, know that your dirty carpet might be the cause.

6. The 5-second rule is a myth

Forget the 5-second rule because your dirty carpets harbour so many allergens from your food spills, pet urine, dust and even dead human cells. So, when food drops on the carpet, it gets infested with bacteria immediately and should therefore be thrown away.

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