Busting common commercial floor cleaner myths

When it comes to commercial floor cleaners, there is a surprising number of assumptions that are inaccurate or simply false. It’s important to separate the fact from the fiction, as not doing so can cause damage to your carpets, or else hinder the commercial floor cleaner from doing its job as intended. Read on to discover the most common myths surrounding floor cleaners, and what the real truths are.

All commercial floor cleaners do the same job – right?

Wrong. You can get commercial floor cleaners tailored to a specific surface or material type, or else ones that deal specifically with light or heavy soiling and dirt tracks. So don’t assume that it’s a “one size fits all” scenario when it comes to purchasing a commercial floor cleaner – this definitely isn’t the case. The investment in different types of commercial floor cleaners will be well worth it, as using the right type will not only make your carpet cleaner but also improve its longevity due to not being damaged as quickly.

commercial floor cleanerYou don’t need to clean a carpet unless it looks dirty, do you?

That isn’t the case. The truth is, dirt and nasty bacteria start to build up long before it becomes visible to the naked eye – so you should use your floor cleaner on a regular basis. It’s only natural that you want the product to stretch for as long as possible, or that you don’t want to regularly splurge on employing a professional. However, not doing so could seriously damage the fibres of your carpet, meaning that you may need to replace the entire carpet. And if that happened, maybe in hindsight using a commercial floor cleaner regularly would have been the better choice.

It doesn’t matter how your carpets are cleaned, as long as they’re cleaned, does it?

In actuality, it very much matters. Similar to the reasons stated above, not using the correct method to clean your floor and carpet will damage the structural integrity, causing a weakened and uneven surface. If you’re using a commercial floor cleaner, it’s likely that you’re a business, shop, or office block – in which case you’ll be dealing with heavy footfall on a daily basis, and an uneven surface could be a hazard.

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