4 reasons why you need a commercial carpet cleaner

If you have carpeted areas in your workplace or office, you need the services of an experienced commercial carpet cleaner. Just letting your regular cleaners give your commercial carpets a good vacuum every now and then is not enough. Here are four excellent reasons to get the job done by carpet cleaning specialists ASAP.

1. Professional commercial carpet cleaners do a professional job

First impressions count, especially in business. Make sure your workplace looks and smells its very best, beginning with your carpets. A professional commercial carpet cleaner will:

• Move furniture out of the way (if required)
• Vacuum thoroughly
• Pre-treat any stains or trouble spots
• Deep clean with a hot water extraction cleaning device to remove all deep down dirt
• Do a follow-up clean with a rotary carpet scrubber

2. Health benefits

Commercial Carpet Cleaner

A dirty, dusty carpet can serve as a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, allergens, mould, mildew and so on. A professional carpet cleaner will remove all harmful pathogens from your carpets, thus making your workplace a more hygienic environment.

Unfortunately, some carpet cleaning companies use cleaning products that cause their own set of health problems. When you choose a commercial carpet cleaning service, make sure you select a professional who uses non-toxic, non-allergenic cleaning substances.

3. Extend the life of your commercial carpet

One of the best ways to prolong the life of a commercial carpet is to get it professionally cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. In fact, if the carpet is visibly grimy or stained, then the dirt will already have been there for a while, causing untold damage to the carpet fibres. The ideal time to clean a commercial carpet is before it becomes an eyesore.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of commercial carpets removes all visible and invisible dirt by lifting up the fibres. This leaves the carpet exceedingly fresh and clean, and puts the bounce back into it.

4. Time is money

Most workplaces can’t afford downtime. When you hire a professional commercial carpet cleaner, not only do you get high quality cleaning services, but the job will be done quickly and during hours that are convenient for your office, school or business.

At Pristine Dry, we provide a superior commercial carpet cleaning service. We specialise in this field, so call us today on 0435 821 187 and find out how we can get your commercial carpets looking and performing at their very best.