Busting common myths about carpet cleaning

There are lots of misconceptions out there about carpet cleaning, many of which may actually hamper your ability to maintain fresh and attractive floors. Fortunately, we’ve busted a few myths for you to ensure your carpets stay looking pristine for years.

Myth #1: You should keep vacuuming to a minimum

Many people believe that frequent vacuuming can cause carpets to wear out quickly. Fortunately, however, modern carpets are manufactured to be supremely durable, so it should not matter how often you clean them. Of course, it is important that you ensure your vacuum cleaner is working properly, or you may inadvertently damage your carpets. Make sure that the roller is fully operational and that there are no odd sounds coming from the appliance.

Myth #2: Carpet cleaning can cause mildew growth

It is important to understand that a professional carpet clean does not make your carpets excessively wet and therefore more susceptible to mould and mildew growth. Remember to hire a professional carpet cleaning company such as Pristine Dry to carry out your carpet cleaning, as it involves the use of professional-grade equipment and you could end up damaging your carpet without adequate help. You must also allow a little drying time after the cleaning session as your carpets will be a little damp but certainly not enough to cause mildew to form.

carpet cleanMyth #3: Baking soda is just as effective as a professional carpet clean

Nothing could be further from the truth. Although many people swear by the effectiveness of baking soda to clean their carpets, its effects are only likely to be temporary. Whilst it may mask nasty odours and leave the carpet looking fresher for a few weeks, it is by no means a long-term solution.

Myth #4: You don’t need a professional to help clean stains

There are many DIY carpet cleaners on the market that promise to remove stains in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, however, most carpet manufacturers warn against using stringent cleaning substances on their products. It is very risky to apply chemicals to your carpet without the help of a professional as it may end up causing irreversible damage or discolouration.

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