Could your business benefit from a carpet cleaning service?

Many people underestimate the impact of a properly cleaned carpet, particularly in business environments. A carpet that is cleaned and maintained professionally creates a memorable and positive impression of a company, as it suggests the company is well organised and takes care of their property. Often a carpet is the first thing potential clients and employees will see when they enter a business, so it is important it sets the right tone. Here’s a few questions about business carpet cleaning that we are often asked.

Is business carpet cleaning necessary?

Some individuals mistakenly believe that carpet cleaning is a simple task, which can be performed by anyone. What such people fail to consider is the tools and expert knowledge required to maintain the condition of a carpet and remove any stubborn marks or stains. Carpets in a business or office environment often see much more footfall and activity than carpet in a domestic setting, making it even more challenging to clean efficiently. Therefore, carpets at business facilities and workplaces need regular cleaning by professional carpet cleaning service providers who have the expert knowledge to create the highest standard results.

What is ‘Sick Building Syndrome’?

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a medical condition where people in a building suffer from symptoms of illness or feel unwell for no apparent reason. The symptoms tend to increase in severity with the time people spend in the building, and improve over time or even disappear when people are away from the building. Having your commercial carpets regularly cleaned will reduce sick building syndrome. Often germs, bacterial and allergies sit in your carpets and can cause the spread of virus and germs to your staff. A clean carpet will reduce the chance of this occurring as well as helping to filter the air in these areas.

business carpet cleaningWhat are the benefits of professional carpet cleaning?

Aside from the aforementioned benefits of creating a positive first impression, there are many other benefits to hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. For example, a professional company will be able to clean a carpet efficiently whilst causing minimum disturbance to the office. An expert company will also be able to move furniture and place it back in its exact location, causing no disruption to the office environment.
If you opt for a cheaper cleaning service from a brand with a poor reputation, you risk the company using poor quality or potentially harmful chemicals whilst cleaning, causing expensive damage to your carpet and harm to your employee’s health and wellbeing. When you use Pristine Dry carpet cleaning services, your carpets will dry rapidly after being cleaned and can be walked on almost immediately.

How can I get pristine results from my office carpet?

For pristine results, Pristine Dry is the carpet cleaning company you can trust. Pristine Dry handle everything from pre-treatment and pre-spotting to inspecting the end result of the cleaning process. We only use the best products and are confident we can restore even the dirtiest carpets to their original colour and condition. Our years of experience ensure that we are the best company for your carpet cleaning needs, no matter the size or nature of your office.

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