Why you need your air conditioner professionally cleaned

Do you have an air conditioning unit in your home? If so, how often do you have your unit cleaned? Has it been a while, or is your answer ‘never’? Take a moment to consider why now is the time for some aircon cleaning and treatment. 

The danger of dust and mould in air conditioning units 

Checking and cleaning your air conditioner filters and other internal components regularly is a good habit to get into. Not only will it help your unit to run more efficiently, but it also reduces the dust and dirt build-up impacting negatively on your health. For more information check out our air conditioner cleaning services.

When dust collects on an air conditioner’s filter, it becomes clogged, thus restricting the air flow and causing the unit to work much harder than it should. This will not only impact your energy bill, but also increase the risk of a breakdown. Imagine being caught mid-summer, with temperatures in the high thirties, and no air conditioning all because of some build-up on your filters and mould on your coils?

aircon-cleaningThe benefits of aircon cleaning

Have those filters cleaned will ensure your unit is running to full capacity and help you to avoid an unnecessary spike in your electricity bill. The mould in your unit is very harmful to breath in and a contaminated unit will also harbour bugs and viruses. A recent study showed that a typical air con unit that is not regularly treated contains more bacteria than your garbage bin.

The filters inside an air conditioning unit are designed to collect dust and debris, making them the perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Any germ particles or mould spores that accumulate within the unit’s filters can potentially be released back into your homes atmosphere every time it is switched on. This will reduce the quality of the air within your living spaces and possibly have a negative impact on your family’s health, such as triggering allergy or asthma attacks and spreading viruses or diseases. Regular filter cleaning is vital in minimising the risk of health problems and maintain good air quality throughout your home. 

Help keep your unit clean – but know when to call the professionals 

It is quite simple to wipe down the exterior of your unit, remove and wipe down filters and clean off any dust and mould build-up inside as well. However, the condenser coils inside an air conditioning unit also require proper cleaning and maintenance for your unit to run efficiently and effectively. Did you know that by doing this yourself you could void the warranty? Plus, if you damage them, they can be quite costly to repair. That’s why it’s best to employ the services of a professional every six months to ensure proper precautions are taken and your unit is cleaned and maintained correctly.

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