Air conditioner maintenance for Summer

Air conditioners are machines that we sometimes neglect to consider cleaning. People can tend to assume that they are able to run for weeks on end without any significant maintenance since they’re designed to keep on making our air clean and breathable for years to come. However, an air conditioner can often be an incubator of dangerous germs. Here are just a few of the major reasons you need to carry out some air conditioner maintenance, so your cooling system can better look after you.

Old air conditioners can house germs

air conditioner maintenance

Germs have a certain temperature range in which they are able to effectively reproduce, being from 5°C to 63°C. Unfortunately, this is also the temperature range in which people are at their most comfortable. Over time the germs that can get into your air conditioner will reproduce and their population will explode, potentially sending dangerous germs into the air that you breathe on a daily basis. The last thing you want is an air conditioner making you ill, and a clean, well-serviced air conditioner can prevent this.

Better quality air for better health

Whilst it may not often be something that you consider, clean air is vital to the way you live your life. Even if it doesn’t contain any germs, a dirty air conditioner can leave the air you breathe feeling polluted and heavy compared to the freshest options available. With a clean air conditioner, the air you breathe will be fresh and refreshing, improving not only your health but your quality of life overall.

Lower your air conditioning bills

A dirty air conditioner is going to be a far less effective one. Grime and dust can clog up various parts and filters of any air conditioner, leaving it much less effective. You might need to turn it on at a much higher setting for identical results, which is going to guzzle through electricity at a higher rate. As a result, your bills will be higher, where a simple clean could be saving you a lot of money.

Air conditioner maintenance cleaning services

The benefits of a clean air conditioner are many and wide-ranging since a clean air conditioner can protect your health and your wallet. If you’re interested in air conditioner cleaning, get in touch with Pristine Dry today on 0435 821 187 for a quote, and our friendly team of experts will see what we can do to solve any air conditioner maintenance cleaning issues you might have.