Do you need an air conditioner cleaning service?

When was the last time your air conditioning unit had a thorough clean? Although effective A/C is an essential part of any comfortable home, keeping the system clean is often forgotten! The reality is that an air conditioning system that’s become clogged with detritus isn’t just more likely to perform poorly, it could also be a potential health hazard. 

Dirt, germs and dust which collect in the A/C system don’t just stay there: they’re pushed back out into your home via the air conditioned air! This means that potentially there is a high concentration of harmful allergens, viruses and bacteria circulating in your home, presenting a considerable hazard. Why risk it? A complete air conditioner cleaning service will leave your system in top shape.

air conditioner cleaning service

An air conditioner cleaning service that saves you money

Aside from the obvious health benefits that fresh, hygienic air can bring, a clean air conditioning unit is more likely to perform well. Poor performance caused by a build-up of grime doesn’t just mean that the system works less effectively, it may also mean that it becomes less fuel-efficient to operate. You may notice that, over time, your energy bills have begun to rise as your A/C’s condition starts to decline. The additional strain that dirt can put on the moving parts of your A/C can also increase the likelihood that repairs will be needed – it may even shorten the overall life of your system. For all these reasons and more, thorough cleaning on a regular basis should be a priority. Proven cleaning techniques for your A/C

An experienced cleaning firm will use high-grade products and proven techniques to ensure that your A/C is cleaned to the highest possible standard. Cleaning takes in not only the filters, but also the coils. This two-step cleaning process leaves your A/C beautifully clean. At Pristine Dry, our professional, fully experienced team are able to work on most makes and models: even if you’ve got an old system or air conditioning from a less well-known company, we can still clean it correctly.

One-stop air conditioner cleaning service

Fast, friendly, competitively priced and committed to giving you the very best results, we are the air conditioning cleaning company of choice for a growing number of homes and businesses in the local area. Get in touch with Pristine Dry on 0435 821 187 to book an appointment or to find out more.