Help save the planet with air conditioner cleaning services

Most people are aware that having a reliable, efficient air conditioner clean on a regular basis can improve the performance of their unit and potentially reduce the need for costly repairs, but did you know that air conditioner cleaning can also help the planet? Take a look at five ways in which keeping your air conditioner in pristine condition can also be an environmentally-friendly choice.

1. Reduced energy usage

A clean air conditioner runs more efficiently than one which is full of dirt, dust and mould. Increased efficiency means less energy is needed to keep your property at the desired temperature. A well-maintained air conditioner isn’t just the planet friendly option, it can also knock bucks off your energy bill

2. Enhanced lifespan

The materials used to create air conditioning units aren’t necessarily recyclable. If your unit packs up early due to poor maintenance, it’s not just the replacement cost you’ll need to consider: it’s also the environmental cost which each new air-con unit can bring.

3. Reduce carbon emissions

According to the Carbon Trust, an air-conditioned building has energy costs (and therefore carbon dioxide emissions) which are up to 30% higher than those found in a naturally ventilated building. Air conditioner cleaning helps keep these emissions as low as possible, reducing the impact on air quality and potentially helping to manage the problem of global warming.

air conditioner cleaner4. Environmentally friendly cleaning products

As well as the environmental benefits of keeping your air conditioner in a clean, usable state, it’s also worth considering the positive impact environmentally friendly cleaning products can have. When you use professional cleaners for your air conditioner clean service, ensure that they employ eco-friendly cleaners that are kind to pets, children and wildlife as well as being tough on dirt and grime.

5. Improve air quality

Better air quality helps to contribute to a cleaner planet! Almost inevitably, dirt and grime and mould spores build up in air-con units: if they are not removed, the particles can be transported back into your home along with the cool air. Improve the interior environment and potentially reduce the concentration of air-born allergens and spores with a regular cleaning routine.

Using an air conditioner cleaner on a regular basis can not only make your home a cooler, pleasanter place to spend time in, it can also make a positive difference to the planet! Why wait? Call Pristine Dry on 0435 821 187 for a no-obligation quote on your carpet cleaning needs.